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  • Shannon Huggins

8 reasons you shouldn't do a roof layover

Doing roofing for over 20 years I hear the same thing time and time again. Should I get a layover or should I tear it off. I have always believed in tearing off an old roof, instead of just covering the old one up. So I decided to write this article to help give homeowners an idea of why I feel this way. So lets get started

1. Decking Troubles

When it comes to doing a new roof one thing contractors won't mention is that if you do a layover your not actually able to replace or check the decking of the current roofing system. this can lead to more trouble for the new layover. The plywood boards that make up the backbone of your roof could be rotting away up there which could cause more damage than not.

2. Missing Additional Protection

When it comes to getting a new roof we want to make sure all the steps are met to make sure we have protection for your new roof. With a layover one of the things you miss out on is installing ice and water shield that gives your roof an added protection level. With a layover this can't be applied, because it has to be applied directly to the plywood decking.

3. Structural Issues

One problem that can come up in a layover is excess weight that could cause significant damage if your home is not able to carry the excess weight. If your home was to have an issue hear it could really be a problem. It could cause your roof to start caving in from the extra weight, also if your decking is rotting it will increase the odds of structural damage. This could end up costing you more in the long run that just having the roof torn-off.

4. It's Not a band-aid

When it comes to you needing to get a new roof, that means you know the old roof is not performing like it should. So then why would you want to cover over something that isn't properly performing already ? Doing a layover is exactly that just trying to cover a non-performing roof, and without a full tear off you may not even know what caused the old roof to stop performing which could spell trouble for your new shingles

5. Life Expectancy

Lets say you choose a new shingle that is a 50 year shingle. Your expecting a long lasting roof, however with a layover you wont get the entire life of the new roof that you just purchased. The reason is because when you cover shingles that were failing the actually take a toll on the new shingles causeing them to have issues sooner than later.

6. Warranty Protection

The one thing about getting a layover is the fact that manufactures will not have to honor the warranty for shingle defects. The reason for this is because in the fine print of the warranty is proper installation of the roof. As you can see the manufactures of roofing products want the roofing system installed a certain way in order to warranty the product. Putting your new roof over the other won't meet the specs for the manufacture to honor the warranty.

7. Not Laying Flat

A roof when installed properly will lay flat and act like a seal from all the elements that could harm your home. with a layover for the roof to lay flat is almost impossible. This could lead to the possibility of early failure to the new shingles. This can be extremely frustrating to the property owner, that the new roof is having issues way before it's time .

8. More Cost Later

The one thing about a layover is that when it comes time to replace again is it cost more because you have additional fees for labor, dumping. Another thing that customers forget is that roofing always goes up in pricing, so if you decide to do a layover now just to save money, and you have to replace again ealier than expected it is going to cost you so much more than just tearing off the old roof and putting on a new one

If you think its time for a new roof feel free to reach out for a free estimate

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